The permit window is now open!!!

A big win for property owners and the rights of our citizens!

The moratorium on drawing water from well’s in Whatcom County, which effectively put a stop to all new building permits in the most of the county, has ended!

Several members of Realtor’s Association attended last night’s County Council meeting and provided testimony. We discussed the Hirst case, told our clients’ stories, and reminded the Council that the REALTORS® have been with them through this ENTIRE ordeal – from arguments before Council, to filing amicus briefs through the legal process, to advocating before the state legislature for a statutory fix.


REALTORS® have been in the County’s and our clients’ corners!


Well, last night, it finally came to something of a resolution. The Council voted 6-1 (Donovan opposed) to adopt the Emergency Interim Ordinance lifting the moratorium and outlining the permit process in accordance with Engrossed Substituted Senate Bill 6091.

 This may not be the last we have to deal with the fall out from the State Supreme Court’s Hirst Decision. More than one of our County Counsel Members were not only opposed to the State’s Legislative Fix but were actively working on a way to circumvent it. 

For now though, I will celebrate the win for all those who have plans to build their family’s homes in the county.

The permit window is once again open.