With spring just around the corner, I even saw a sliver of blue sky today, the question, “When is the best time to list my home?” keeps coming up.

Well, most of us brokers will tell you: “The best time to list is yesterday! You don’t want to miss that one buyer, with an urgent need, who may find your home to be a perfect fit for their needs.” 

I have to agree with that statement to an extent. There is always someone looking for their new home. Just because it may be the dead of winter doesn’t mean the ever changing needs of life hit the pause button.

But for those of us that don’t need to sell right now, let’s look at the stats. 

There are plenty of articles out there that will tell you the best season, month, day and, yes, even time to list your home for sale. A quick google search will bring up more information that you care to read. Then you get to weed through the conflicting information and take your best guess on which advice to follow.

The trouble with some of the information is that it is too general. The US is a large country with varying attitudes, climates and trends that all affect home sales. As has been said over and over again, “Location, Location, Location.”

Generally speaking, in our area, we see the ‘homes for sale” inventory begin to climb in February and peak in June or July. This is the period that the most new listings will be hitting the market. 

This interactive graph will show you the number of new listings as the year progresses. Just hover your mouse or tap the line chart to see the month.


Now that we’ve seen when the bulk of the competition hit the market, the next question is, “When are buyers making offers?” The following chart shows when offers were accepted on listed properties (changed from active to pending in status). Again, hover over the lines to see the dates.



Of course this is just stats and more stats! When I am speaking with home sellers who have this question my local answer is, “Before the tulips are in bloom; that’s when you want your home on the market.” (Just a little shout out to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.)

By listing in mid April you are exposing your home to buyers as the market is heating up, the media will be focusing on real estate, the weather has improved, and with that your yard and suroundings are looking better. Waiting too much longer could be missed opportunity

Of course, life will often dictate the “when” for you but, if you have the ability, shoot for early spring, or sooner!

Do you agree? Have questions? Like to talk about your home and what to do to maximize your profits? Give me a call or email, I love to talk real estate!